Cyr Wheel & Strapaten

Cyr Wheel & Straps Artist

Oscar Kaufmann

Acrobatic Show

Cyr Wheel, Straps or as the Flying Gentleman, circus artist Oscar Kaufmann amazes the audience with a balance between power and elegance.”

Appearances in TV and shows with “Cirque du Soleil”!

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 Shown here are performances with Cirque du Soleil, Straps at the “Karnidale” circus festival in Australia, Cyr Wheel and the Flying Gentleman on TV.

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Oscar Kaufmann was born and raised in Berlin. With musicians in the family he was familiar with the stage from a young age. 
At the age of eleven, he was a member of the youth ensemble in Friedrichstadtpalast, the biggest show stage in Europe until he was admitted to the Staaten Circus School in Berlin. 

He graduated in 2014 and has since performed on stages both nationally and internationally.

From TV shows to major stage productions, Oscar has performed in over 30 countries for audiences across the globe.


" elegant yet steamy aerial choreography"
"It’s a joy to watch him practically float through the air"
"El talentoso alemán Oscar Kaufmann contó de qué se trata la obra y cómo se vive el Cirque du Soleil por dentro"
"Jaw-dropping acrobat"
Little day out


In his many years of stage experience, Oscar Kaufmann was able to take part in multiple top-class events. His wide variety of skills enables him to respond professionally to all kinds of inquiries and deliver world class entertainment. Clients include Mary Kay, VW, Samsung and Mercedes at the IAA show and more.

TV and Video

He opened the German primetime  TV show “It’s Showtime” with his Cyr Wheel Act and was seen in shows on MDR and SWR, as well as “Tu Si Que Vales” in Italy. Most recently, he performed on the popular ZDF TV show “Fernsehgarten” with rave audience reviews. Oscar has also been seen in multiple music videos clips doing Cyr Wheel.

Show Experience

In the span of his career, Oscar has performed on every continent on earth. He was in the Cirque du Soleil production “Amaluna”, the most famous production company in the world and in the GOP Variety Show “Highlights”, the most successful variety show chain in Europe. He has also performed in other traditional performance venues such as Wintergarten in Berlin, the Tivoli in Hamburg and the Friedrichsbau in Stuttgart.  He has also performed in Arena tours such as “Gymmotion” and “Urbanatix” to several thousand people. 

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